18 05, 2021

How to Use a Moving Average


Let's look at what the Moving Average is and how can we use it in trading? What is Moving Average Moving Average or MA is one of the most used indicators in technical analysis. It is a way to smooth out market noise. By "moving average", we mean that you take the average closing price of a currency pair for the last number of periods.   By calculating the moving average, the impact of random, short-term fluctuations on the price of a currency pair, metal, index (trading instrument) for a certain period of time is reduced. With an understanding of the moving average, any trader can build an easy and reliable forex strategy or add them to an existing one. They should certainly be present in any strategy. After reviewing the general things about Moving average, it is good to move on [...]

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30 07, 2020

Trading Gold Using Triangle Formation


Trading gold as per triangle formation. Take a look at our charts and find how to trade this forex chart formation. As we can see from the picture, we are looking at the chart of the gold. What we can see is that in the first place we have an uptrend. We have said more than once, the most reliable positions are the one following the trend. Trading Gold Using Triangle We see that the price is trying to break the previous high, but without any success. At this point, we can only wait to see what the graph will show us. We can draw a trend line on the tops and one on the last bottoms. Here we come to the formation itself. Here we want to give you some information about the triangle figure itself. As we see [...]

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